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Art History

2nd Monday - 10am

A small group of art lovers who meet on the 2nd Monday to discuss the works of artists old and new. Contact Anne
Book Review (1 & 2)

(1) 3rd Monday - 2pm

A diverse range of members bound together by the love of the written word. On occasions we gather at the Public Library to peruse the shelves. Ours is not an elitist group of literary snobs reading and discussing set books. Rather Members’ personal preferences are catered for, covering a broad spectrum, ranging from tales set in the Middle Ages to the latest in detective novels, with a dash of "chick lit" tossed in for light relief. Apart from their recommendations of books read, members share topical reviews from a wide selection of publications and note those works that currently feature in the best sellers lists. Contact Jill

(2) 4th Monday - 2pm

A group of people who meet monthly, bound together by the love of books. We do not read and discuss set books, but books that members have enjoyed or found of interest are shared with the group. In this way we are introduced to a wide variety of topics and authors. We recommend books to each other, and exchange many of our own. Members also share topical reviews from a variety of authors. Contact Jeanette

1st Wednesday - 1pm

A study group looking into the life and times of some of the world's oldest and most interesting cities. Contact Cate
Cooking for 1

Monday - 6 pm

A group designed to enhance cooking skills while having fun in the kitchen and around the table. Members meet twice monthly at dinner time in the Artisan Café when it is closed to the public. Milani, the cafe's proprietor and chef is the hostess and tutor for the group.
Current Events (1,2 & 3)

(1)1st Thursday - 10am

We discuss news and associated topical subjects and in doing so both learn and enjoy ourselves at the same time. Both national and international events are open for discussion, members choose the topics. Contact Su:

(2) 1st Wednesday - 10am

Topical and Current from all sources of the media, this group can discuss several topics at one meeting. With all that is going on in this huge wide world our topic list is never small. There are no rules, if sometimes heated, but always varied and stimulating. Contact Anne

(3) 2nd Tuesday - 10am

We discuss a wide range of current events of national and international interest. Anything and everything that provides food for thought is acceptable and each member presents their own topic followed by analysis and good-humoured debate. In case you are wondering, the photo above is a selfie taken by Rosetta, the Comet Chaser, with comet 67P in the background. Contact Jim
DVD Movies

3rd Thursday - 2pm

The group started in 2019 and will run as long as there are good movies to watch on DVD. The convenor has a collection of much-loved movies she is keen to rewatch with similar enthusiasts, such as The Kings Speech, O What a Lovely War, The Group, All the Presidents Men. Contact Ann

1st Monday - 12.30pm (Basement Cinema), Variable times (Reading Cinema)

A relaxed and happy group, we attend films together, every 2 or 3 weeks, generally going to the Basement Theatre as they tend to have more "worthwhile films". The management of the Basement is good to us, giving us a small discount and we are able to book either the larger or smaller theatre for our exclusive use. We gather for coffee after showings to discuss the film, to socialise and build friendships. Although our membership is large we can generally absorb more members as not all folk attend every film. Contact Jenette
Grey Warblers

Twice monthly during Summer, Time and venue notified by email

A choral of senior songsters who raise their voices for the sheer pleasure of making music and singing the songs that everyone loves to hear. Join us and sing along with the riroriro of Rotorua. Contact Ruth

2nd and 4th Fridays - 10am

This group of enthusiastic members would like to explain that their brand of History is not the schoolbook type. They like to investigate any topic that interest them, and all suggestions are considered. Contact Brian

4th Thursdays - 1.30pm

Any topic with a philosophical or theological underpinning that fires up the cerebral neurons is meet for us to chew. We are not a Dead Philosophers Society as such, though we have been known to give the likes of Kant, Confucius and Santayana a quick work over. More likely our discussions revolve around issues of general interest such as terrorism, scepticism, humanism and the seven deadly sins. No Philosophical qualifications are needed, just a broad experience of life and a willingness to share ideas and opinions. Contact Peter

2nd and 4th Tuesdays - 1.30pm

A group interested in photography while supporting each other in the various makes of camera. Weather permitting we have workshops to places of interest. The group hopes to expand their activities to include editing of photos as well as having our work critiqued leading towards possible exhibitions. Contact Dell

2nd Thursday - 2pm

For the love of poetry a group of like minded people meet on a monthly basis to debate the strengths and weaknesses of their favourite poets. Poetry touches all our emotions as old as the human heart and elevates us to a higher plane. Recitation is encouraged but personal composition is not part of the format of the group. Contact Margaret

Every week

We are killers. We bag rats, mice, possums, stoats & weasels. We have joined Whakarewarewa Pest Free to help clear the area of the predators that are destroying our native flora & fauna. We have >250 traps set along 8km of trap lines at Tikitapu/Blue Lake. Come and help us. Contact Peter
Science and Engineering

2nd and 4th Mondays - 10am

Always very well attended because of the varied and interesting topics to tease one’s mind. You don't need to have inherited Einstein's DNA to be involved with this group.......just an inquiring mind. The presenters are not restricted to science topics, but are able to expand our interest and understanding of their particular subject. Contact Mel
Spanish Conversation

1st and 3rd Fridays - 1pm

This group is not designed to teach Spanish to beginners, but is for those who are learning or have learnt and wish to practise and retain their skills. Contact Joan

1st Friday 1.30 pm

One of our largest groups, its members travel far and wide within the Bay of Plenty and over the hills into the Waikato visiting all manner of fascinating places and interesting happenings. Contact Judy
Wednesday Art Group

Every Wednesday – 1.15pm

The members of this group (The WAGs) meet every Wednesday afternoon at the Mokoia Community Center to give free rein to their artistic talents in any medium except oils. They have no pretensions to emulate Matisse, Monet or Munch – just to enjoy an afternoon of creativity in good company. Contact Mel
Writing for Families (1 & 2)

(1) 1st Friday - 9.30am

Writing for families - researching or remembering – it is good to get those stories written, whether for yourself or your family. Sharing the stories with others and hearing their stories makes for an interesting morning and often helps get past those gnarly bits or inspires more stories. It is a small friendly informal group, currently meeting in the Sequoia Cafe and you are very welcome. Contact Anne

(2) 3rd Monday - 10.00am

Writing for families – for future generations – is a very satisfying hobby. Getting started is not always easy, but joining our group of like-minded writers and sharing ideas will soon have you tapping on your key board. It may be just an item which evokes a memory long forgotten or it could be a family history: the choice is yours. Come join us.

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