Walking Group: Canopy Tour 26 May 2017 (7 photos). Hoanga Walk 9 June 2017 (1 photo). Click a photo to enlarge.
From top left: Ann crossing a plank bridge between zip lines (CT). Peter being laid back (CT). Alison on her way along a zip line. Alison & Clare crossing a swing bridge (CT). Maragret? approaching a landing platform. The Great Rescue: supercool guide Jesse preparing to attach a line to Bruce who was hanging around mid zip line with nowhere to go. Jesse hauling himself back to the landing platform ready to pull Bruce home. Photos (CT) by Canopy Tours, the others by Dave Cown. The Hoanga Walk followed the geothermally active lake edge east and north of the Government Gardens. The group are standing on a ledge of silicified rocks replete with hoanga – the places where Maori once ground, sharpened and polished their stone artefacts. Photo by Mike Creswell

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